Why have my prices increased?

Due to market conditions, Flexcar’s pricing is subject to change; however, with any price increase, Flexcar is committed to giving our customers a 30-day grace period to make changes to their current vehicle plan.


How will I be notified of price changes should they occur?

Flexcar will make sure to notify you several times, both through email and in-app notifications, before any price changes take effect. 


What if I can’t afford increased prices?

Flexcar has many options to help reduce your weekly and mileage rates, including our Flexcar+ membership and our 4-week prepay plan available to Flexcar+ members. Flexcar+ has a low annual membership fee of $199 and can save you up to 29% off basic subscriber rates.


Where can I see other fees impacted by price increases?

Flexcar stands by “no hidden fees,” and we are committed to providing complete transparency of what we charge our customers. You can visit your account page for full details regarding your bill with all itemized charges and fees.


I signed up for Flexcar+ before prices increased. What happens next?

Your Flexcar+ membership standing does not change; however, your weekly rates and mileage will reflect pricing changes after the 30-day grace period. As a Flexcar+ member, you are also eligible for our Flexcar+ Prepay plan, which offers our lowest pricing available.


What if I need to cancel because of pricing changes?

Flexcar stands by our no commitment promise. Flexcar subscribers have 30 days to keep their current vehicle at their old pricing. During this period, Flexcar subscribers may cancel at any time or any time after.

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