How much does Flexcar cost? (FAQ)

With Flexcar’s transparent pricing, you can expect to pay a set monthly car fee plus a weekly fee for the miles you drive. Your payment includes the cost of the car, mileage, insurance, maintenance and road side assistance. 

Flexcar Member Pricing*

The monthly rates and mileage costs are listed below. 

  • Economy: Starting at $325 per month + $0.45 per mile
  • Standard: Starting at $425 per month + $0.45 per mile
  • Premium: Starting at $575 per month + $0.50 per mile
  • Luxury: Starting at $1025 per month + $0.55 per mile

To ensure our service team can maintain their highest quality standard on all our vehicles, we charge a $25 car preparation fee upon checkout. This fee is waived on the first order for Flexcar members. You will also be required to pay applicable taxes and a refundable deposit at checkout.


*Flexcar members who joined before March 15, 2023 may have different pricing plans. Please refer to your account page for details or contact customer support with any questions specific to your account

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