With Flexcar’s transparent pricing, you can expect to pay one monthly rate that covers the following:

  • Cost of the vehicle
  • Your monthly mileage plan
  • Insurance

The annual Flexcar membership covers:

  • Maintenance 
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Free monthly car wash

More details on the membership here.


Mileage packages

  • Members can choose from 4 bundles 
    • 500 miles per month (not currently available in New England)
    • 850 miles per month
    • 1200 miles per month
    • Pay-as-you-go option for casual drivers
      • *When you choose the pay-as-you-go plan, there will be an additional charge of $108 added to the base price. This covers the cost of your first set of miles, ensuring you have them available for your usage.
      • Customers will not be refunded for any unused miles when they refund their vehicle.
  • Your monthly rate ranges and is determined by factors including but not limited to:
    • Your vehicle selection
    • Your credit score and age
    • Market conditions

Mileage Overages 

  • Mileage packages are replenished monthly on your renewal date.
    • *Pay as you go does not add miles monthly, only as needed
  • Mileage overages are added in real-time when the customer has used their entire balance.
    • Flexcar updates your known mileage every hour

Additional payments are required at checkout

  • Applicable Taxes
  • $249 annual membership fee — charged 2 weeks after vehicle pickup/delivery
    • Membership includes a 2-week trial period. If you return the vehicle within the first two weeks you will not be charged for membership
  • Refundable Security Deposit (if applicable)
  • A $99 car preparation fee may be charged upon checkout to maintain quality standards (waived for your first order).

Other potential fees

  • Car Key Replacement: $450 for lost keys 
  • Tickets/Violation Processing: A $30 fee plus the cost of any parking tickets or moving violations.
  • Damage: Up to $2,000 to cover vehicle damage costs. Learn more about damage here.
  • Cleaning and/or Pet Fee: Up to $250 for not maintaining vehicle cleanliness.
  • Smoking Fee: Up to $450 for smoking in the vehicle.
  • Hardware Removal Fee: Charges apply for tampering with vehicle hardware.
  • Missing Equipment Fee: Responsible for any missing items like EV charging cables or spare tires.
  • Refueling Fee: Up to $50 plus fuel costs for returning the vehicle with less fuel than required.
  • Vehicle Swap Fee: A $199 charge for swapping vehicles.

See the Membership Agreement for details.

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