How Much Does Flexcar Cost?

To get started with Flexcar, you’ll need to sign up for a Flexcar membership and choose a monthly plan.

Your $249 Annual Flexcar Membership Covers:

  • Maintenance 
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Free car wash when you schedule an appointment at your hub for maintenance

More details on the membership here.

Your Monthly Plan Covers:

  • The cost of the vehicle
  • Insurance
  • Your monthly mileage plan
    • Standard Mileage– 850 miles per month
    • High Mileage– 1200 miles per month
    • Low Mileage plan for infrequent drivers
      • When you choose the Low Mileage plan, you’ll be charged for an initial 200-mile bundle at checkout (sometimes at pickup). Once you use the initial 200 miles, another 200 miles will be automatically added at the same rate. Unused miles roll over to the next month, ensuring you only pay for what you drive.


Note: Monthly rates are determined by factors including but not limited to:

  • Your vehicle selection
  • Your credit score and age
  • Market conditions

Replenishment Miles

  • Mileage packages are replenished monthly on your renewal date.
    • The Low Mileage plan does not automatically add miles monthly, only as needed when your mileage balance runs out.
  • Replenishment miles are added in real-time when the customer has used their entire balance.
    • Flexcar updates your mileage every hour.
    • For the Low Mileage plan, replenishment bundles are added in 200-mile increments.
    • For Standard (850 miles/mo) and High (1200 miles/mo) mileage plans, the replenishment bundles are added in 100-mile increments.

Other potential charges

  • Refundable Security Deposit (if applicable)
  • A $99 car preparation fee may be charged upon checkout (waived for your first order).
  • Car Key Replacement: $450 for lost keys 
  • Tickets/Violation Processing: A $30 fee plus the cost of any parking tickets or moving violations.
  • Tire Damage: A $100 fee per tire for damage to the tire.
  • Vehicle Damage: Up to $2,000 to cover vehicle damage costs. Learn more about damage here.
  • Cleaning and/or Pet Fee: Up to $250 for not maintaining vehicle cleanliness.
  • Smoking Fee: Up to $450 for smoking in the vehicle.
  • Hardware Removal Fee: Charges apply for tampering with vehicle hardware.
  • Missing Equipment Fee: Responsible for any missing items like EV charging cables or spare tires.
  • Refueling Fee: Up to $50 plus fuel costs for returning the vehicle with less fuel than required.
  • Vehicle Swap Fee: A $199 charge for swapping vehicles.

See the Membership Agreement for details.

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