Can I Have Additional Drivers?


Flexcar is available to you and your family!

When adding an additional driver to your account, they will be able to drive the same car and receive all benefits, including the insurance coverage, as the primary driver, with two minor exceptions.

Your additional driver is unable to complete the initial pickup of the vehicle, nor can they be the one to swap into another vehicle. However, you (as the account holder) will still be responsible for all billing matters.

Who should I add?
Anyone who drives your Flexcar must be added as an additional driver before they are eligible to drive
They must share a primary residential address with you (Family, Partner, Roommate)

• $20/month for drivers 25+ years old
• $40/month for drivers <25 years old

• Cost will be added to your next invoice and will display a new line item.
• 1st month will be paid for at the next invoice, all subsequent months will be prepaid.
• Upon removal, driver will remain eligible until the end of the current billing cycle, at which point you will no longer be charged.

How To:
1. Navigate to the 'Account' Screen of your Flexcar app or on
2. Click 'Manage Drivers' !
3. Read Eligibility & Enter additional driver's email
4. Additional Driver will receive a link to create an account and submit their license photos.
5. Additional Driver will consent to a soft credit check, and for Flexcar to verify their driving record
6. Primary account holder and additional driver will receive an email (And you'll be able to see in app) when the application has been Approved, Rejected, or is currently being reviewed
7. UPON APPROVAL: Additional Driver will be eligible to drive your Flexcar
8. IF REJECTED: Additional Driver is not eligible to drive your Flexcar, doing so will result in a BOC and they WILL NOT be covered in case of an accident, and account holder may lose eligibility to use Flexcar


Additional Driver Eligibility

Age Requirement:

  • Additional Drivers must be 21 years old to drive with Flexcar.

Driver's License Requirement:

  • A valid, physical US State or US Territory driver's license is required.
  • Paper licenses are not accepted.
  • Licenses that are expired, suspended, or revoked are not accepted.
  • We accept temporary US licenses. We do not accept permits.
  • Your driving history, including any citations, violations, revocations, or suspensions, influences your eligibility.

Address Requirement:

  • Additional Drivers must have the same home address as the Primary Driver.

Email Requirement:

  • A verified email address is necessary for account updates and communication.
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