What Should I Know About Fees and Fines?


Monthly Rate

  • The monthly rate covers the cost of the vehicle, your monthly mileage package, insurance.
  • This rate is determined by numerous factors, including but not limited to, the type of vehicle you select, your membership status, and market conditions. 
  • Currently, the monthly rate ranges from $325 to $1500 a month. 
  • Customers can select a mileage package that suits their needs from 850 miles per month, 1200 miles per month, or Low Mileage plan for the casual driver.

Mileage Plans & Overage Fees

  • As a Flexcar driver, there’s no limit on how far you can drive in your car. When you select your vehicle, you'll also select a mileage plan that matches your needs and budget. 
  • Your monthly miles are added at the beginning of each billing cycle. Overage fees apply should you exceed your monthly mileage plan and range from $0.35/mi to $0.55/mi.
  •  We’ll add 100 overage miles to your account each time you run out until the next monthly allotment. Mileage overage fees depend on vehicle type and plan. 
  • Low mileage plan auto-replenishes 200 miles instead of 100. 
  • Unused miles roll over to the following month. 
  • Any unused miles are not refunded and expire on the return of the vehicle.

Swap Fees

  • $199 Swap fee: Charged for each vehicle swap request 

Cleaning Fees

  • Standard Cleaning Fee: $49, covering costs associated with normal wear and tear. This fee is waived for vehicles returned in the same detailed condition as at pick-up.
  • Extensive Cleaning Fee: $250 for cleaning beyond standard maintenance, including pet hair removal, interior stains, extreme dirtiness, or excessive garbage.
  • Severe Cleaning Fee: $450 for cleaning that addresses severe conditions such as severe odors, biohazard contaminants, hazardous materials, mold, or neglect.

Flexcar Plan Change and Order Cancellation Fees

  • Plan Changes: There is no charge for altering your Flexcar plan, including upgrading, downgrading, or changing your mileage option while the vehicle is under your possession.
  • Vehicle Return: If you return your vehicle mid-billing cycle, please note that fees are neither refunded nor prorated. Additionally, failing to return the vehicle before the onset of your next billing cycle will result in charges for the full upcoming bill.
  • Order Cancellation: A $100 fee is charged if the vehicle is not picked up and the order is canceled more than 24 hours after your order time.

 Learn more about ending your subscription.

Market-specific fees and taxes

  • Depending on where you live, local fees, surcharges, and taxes may also be applied to your bill.

 Learn more about local taxes.

Flexcar fines

  • Low gas: you are responsible for returning the vehicle with the same level of gas that was in the vehicle at the time of pick-up. If you return it with less than that level, you will be charged for the gas required to fill it up to that level plus a service fee.
  • Car key replacement: If you lose the key, the replacement fee is $100 plus costs of materials and labor
  • Tickets/violation processing: You are also responsible for paying any parking tickets and moving violations incurred during your Flexcar plan. If we receive a notice and process a violation, you will be charged a $30 processing fee
  • Damages: Up to $2,000 to cover vehicle damage costs. 

Learn more about damage here.


Summer Surcharge

A $199.00 summer surcharge may apply to bookings during high-demand summer months to prioritize long-term members. This surcharge is fully credited back to your account after four months with your Flexcar.


*Flexcar’s pricing is subject to change. In addition to Flexcar’s monthly rate, other fees and fines may apply. Learn more about Flexcar’s fees in the Membership Agreement and see below for additional details.

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