What does the refundable deposit cover?


To ensure a smooth process, a one-time refundable deposit is charged with each order depending on the results of your soft credit check as well as other factors, akin to a security deposit for home or apartment rentals. This amount is returned upon the successful return of your Flexcar in good condition.


Coverage of the Deposit

The refundable deposit may cover incidental fees such as past due payments, mileage overages, tolls, citations, low fuel levels upon return, and damage to the Flexcar vehicle.


Factors in Deposit Amount

The deposit amount varies based on age, credit score, and vehicle selection. For eligible members, deposit amounts range from $0 to $250 across all markets. Some members may be exempt from this deposit, and the amount is non-negotiable.


Using Deposit for Overdue Balance

Your security deposit cannot be utilized to settle overdue balances until your vehicle is officially returned. Upon return, the deposit can be applied to outstanding balances, with an email notification of the remaining unpaid balance.


Deposit Refund Timeline

After the official return of your Flexcar and a thorough inspection, the refund process begins. The Operations Team assesses the vehicle's condition, reviews your account for outstanding balances, and, if all is well, initiates a refund to the original card on file. Expect a confirmation email within 3-5 business days.


Frequency of Deposit Charges

The security deposit is a one-time fee, applicable only during your initial order. Subsequent orders do not incur another deposit unless you return your vehicle and place an entirely new order.

For comprehensive details, please consult the Subscriber Agreement.

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