How Does the Refundable Deposit Work?


To keep things running smoothly, we charge a one-time refundable deposit with each order. This amount, similar to a security deposit for renting a home or apartment, is based on your soft credit check and other factors. You'll get this deposit back when you return your Flexcar in good condition.


What the deposit covers?

The deposit can cover incidental fees like overdue payments, extra mileage, tolls, citations, returning the car with low fuel, and any damage to the vehicle.


How is the deposit amount determined?

The deposit amount varies based on your age, credit score, and the car you choose. For most members, it ranges from $0 to $250. Some members might not need to pay a deposit at all, and this amount isn’t negotiable.


Using deposit for overdue balance

Your deposit can't be used to cover overdue balances until you return the car. Once the car is returned, any outstanding balances can be deducted from the deposit, and you’ll get an email notification about any remaining balance.


When does my deposit get refunded?

After you return your Flexcar and we inspect it, we'll start the refund process. Our team checks the car's condition and your account for any balances. If everything's good, we’ll refund the deposit to the original card you used. Expect a confirmation email within 3-5 business days.


How Often You'll Be Charged a Deposit

The deposit is a one-time fee for your initial order. You won't need to pay another deposit for future orders unless you return your car and place a completely new order.

For more details, check out the Subscriber Agreement.

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