How does it work?


Gain access to a car on your own terms, hassle-free, in just a few simple steps. 

Personalize your Experience

  1. Visit our website or download the Flexcar app (IOS/Android) to select your city
    1. Flexcar is currently offered in: Boston, MA, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN & Charlotte, NC.
  2. Choose your car
    1. Browse through our curated list of 2020 or newer sedans, SUVs, and luxury cars.
    2. Depending on the available inventory, you can even select the color of your Flexcar and view car features.
  3. Select your monthly mileage package
    1. Personalize your rates by selecting your age and credit score & then pick the mileage plan that works best for you.
  4. Schedule your order
    1. Select when and where you’d like to pick up your Flexcar or if available, select a delivery time and location.
  5. Review your order
    1. View a cost summary based on your selections.  

Create your account and complete your membership 

  1. Create your account by submitting the following:
    1. Email address & phone number – be ready to verify your email
    2. Strong password
    3. Current address
    4. Driver's license
  2. Add a payment method
    1. Provide a valid credit card for your first payment
  3. Agree to a soft credit check
    1. This soft credit check has no impact on your credit score 
  4. Review your final cost and submit your order
    1. Review your order details before placing your order
    2. Once your order is submitted, be sure to download the Flexcar app if using the website. You will use the app to submit additional verification photos before pickup.
  5.  Pickup your Flexcar
    1. Be sure to review your emails, check the app and be on the lookout for further communications from us regarding your order prior to your pickup time. 
    2. Using your Flexcar app on your smartphone, locate your Flexcar and follow the in-app instructions to unlock your Flexcar
    3.  If you have additional drivers registered to use your Flexcar, they can return your Flexcar; however, only the Flexcar account holder is able to pick up or swap your vehicle.
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