Flexcar simplifies the car ownership experience, eliminating traditional hassles and offering unparalleled flexibility. Here's why Flexcar is the go-to choice for modern drivers:

  • Zero Down Payment: Ditch dealership costs and forget hefty down payments. With Flexcar, your monthly rate covers the car and comprehensive insurance. Plus, the $249 annual membership fee (charged after your two-week trial) gets you maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and free car washes when you visit the hub for maintenance– a value of over $1,000!
  • Keep Your Flexcar at Home, Hassle-Free: Select a vehicle from our diverse online fleet and keep it at your residence, enjoying all the perks of ownership without the common drawbacks. It's like getting a car from a dealership, minus the financial strain and maintenance worries.
  • Seasonal Flexibility & Easy Returns: Swap cars according to your needs—opt for a sleek sedan in the summer or switch to a comfy SUV for winter's demands. If your circumstances change, return your Flexcar without any penalties, and your monthly payments will cease immediately. This policy ensures you're never locked into a vehicle that no longer suits your lifestyle.
  • Flexible Mileage Plans: Choose from prepaid monthly mileage bundles for predictable expenses or a pay-as-you-go plan for ultimate flexibility, only paying for the miles you use.

Flexcar addresses the pain points of traditional car ownership, such as upfront costs, multi-year commitments, and the hassles of maintenance and insurance. It's designed for those who value convenience, flexibility, and the freedom to adapt their vehicle choice as their life evolves. Whether you're adjusting to seasonal needs, changing family dynamics, or simply wish to experience different types of cars, Flexcar's subscription model provides the perfect solution.


Gain access to a car on your own terms, hassle-free, in just a few simple steps. 

Personalize your Experience

  1. Visit our website or download the Flexcar app (iOS/Android) to select your city
    • Flexcar is currently offered in: New England, MA, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN & Charlotte, NC.
  2. Choose your car
    • Browse through our curated list of sedans, SUVs, and luxury cars.
    • Depending on the available inventory, you can even select the color of your Flexcar and view car features.
  3. Select your monthly mileage package
    • Personalize your rates by selecting your age and credit score & then pick the mileage plan that works best for you.
  4. Schedule your order
    • Select when and where you’d like to pick up your Flexcar or, if available, select a delivery time and location.
  5. Get Qualified
    • Consent to a soft credit check. This will never impact your credit score.
    • Submit your phone number, license, and a selfie through our trusted onboarding partner, Footprint.
    • Your account will be checked to see if you meet our Eligibility Requirements
  6. Review your final cost and submit your order
    • Review your order details, then add your debit or credit card information and place your order
    • Once your order is submitted, be sure to download the Flexcar app if you haven't already. All the information you'll need is conveniently located in the app.
  7.  Pick up or prepare for delivery of your Flexcar
    • If you’ve chosen pickup: Swing by our lot during your selected timeframe to pick up your vehicle and get cruising.
    • If you’ve selected delivery: Our delivery specialists will contact you on your delivery day with the arrival time of your vehicle.
    • Either way, we’ll walk you through the bells and whistles of your Flexcar to make sure you know how everything works before handing you the keys.
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