Welcome to Flexcar, where we offer a unique and hassle-free way to access a fleet of vehicles without the stress of car ownership. Our membership program gives you access to a variety of cars that you can order, return or swap anytime. Here are some details about our Flexcar membership that you should know:

Membership Fee

Our membership fee is $249 per year. Once you become a member, you can access our entire fleet of cars.

Access to Our Fleet of Vehicles

With your membership, you can choose from a variety of vehicles to meet your transportation needs. Our fleet includes cars of different sizes, from compact cars to SUVs, and everything in between. So whether you need a car for commuting, running errands or taking a weekend trip, we have you covered.


With Flexcar, you have the freedom to order a car, return it, or swap it for another car anytime. 

All-Inclusive Monthly Payment

Your monthly payment includes taxes, insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. This means you don't have to worry about unexpected costs or repairs. We take care of all the car paperwork for you, including registration, title, and more. You just have to pick a car, select a mileage plan, and pay your monthly bill.

Flexible Mileage Plans

We offer flexible mileage plans that suit your needs. Whether you need to travel a lot or just occasionally, we have the right plan for you. You also have the freedom to upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever your needs change. 


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