Your responsibility extends to legal matters like traffic violations. In the event of receiving a notice and processing a violation, you might incur a processing fee in addition to the original ticket cost.


Payment Process

Settling the ticket falls under your purview, directly with the issuing municipality. Even if the ticket isn't in your name, as the user, you're accountable for its resolution. Ensure you adhere to the payment options provided by the municipality.

Non-Payment Consequences

Failure to pay may trigger a notification to us, prompting a processing fee. You're then liable for the total ticket cost, inclusive of any late fees, billed directly to your account. Untimely payment may lead to additional fees or a potential Flexcar plan suspension.


Disputing a Violation

Should you wish to contest a violation and the issuing municipality permits it, take prompt action. If we receive a notice, and you haven't contested the ticket yet, we'll automatically bill your account for the violation amount, along with the processing fee.

Handle legal matters with diligence, and if needed, dispute violations promptly to ensure a smooth resolution.

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