Creating your account is done in three simple steps: Enter your contact information, driver’s license, and your choice of payment.

Contact information

We only need an email and a mobile phone number to get you started. Your email address will be used as your login information. We’ll use your mobile phone to text or call you prior to your car pickup and to provide you with additional information about your car.

Driver’s license

We’ll need your driver’s license to verify your license status and driving history. Unfortunately, we do not accept permits at this time. Simply enter your information and continue on to payment options.

Choice of payment

The last step in creating your account is adding the payment of your choice.

We accept credit and debit cards. We do not accept prepaid cards at this time. You’ll be asked to fill out the form with your card information and will see this card saved to your account. All subsequent bills will be automatically charged to this card during the term of your car order.


How do I join?


Joining Flexcar is easy. Choose your car and become a member for $249/year. Creating an account is simple, we just need your contact information, driver’s license, and choice of payment.

Learn more about creating your account  

Download the Flexcar app or visit our website

  • You will use the Flexcar app (iOS/Android) to complete pickup, swap and return functions. You can use the app to place your order but once an order is placed on our website it is essential to download the app.  

I downloaded the app and am on the Flexcar website. What now? 

  • Once you’ve downloaded the app or are browsing our website, visit our inventory page by selecting Find Cars. Choose the city you would like to pick up in, select your vehicle and follow the guided steps to place your first Flexcar order! 

Checking your account creation status


We are eager to get you on the road as quickly as possible, and most members are approved and will receive their Flexcar in as little as three days. Here’s how our application process works:

  • We will verify your driver’s license and identity, which typically takes only a few minutes, but in some cases, it may take a little longer.
  • Once you’re approved, you’ll receive an email from us 24-hours prior to pick-up to confirm the time and location. Learn more about picking up your Flexcar

If there is an issue with your account creation, we’ll reach out to you via email.

Create your account

When you pick your car and create your account, you'll pay for your first month, which includes:

  • The car's monthly rate
  • Local tax 
  • One-time refundable deposit (if applicable)

Your $249 annual membership fee will be charged after your free two-week trial, which begins when you pick up your Flexcar. You will not be charged if you return your Flexcar before your trial period ends.


Flexcar renewal and receipts

Monthly plan payments will be taken on the day of your renewal date, which is your pick-up day. 

Your receipts will reflect upcoming charges as well as any accrued charges from the previous cycle. 

For the upcoming charges:

You will also be charged for the following as they occur:

Your receipt will be emailed to you each month, and it's also available if you sign in and visit your Account page

Updating your payment method

Learn more about updating your payment method.

Ending your current Flexcar plan

Your selected Flexcar plan will be renewed each month until you cancel prior to your renewal date. Your renewal date is conveniently located in your receipts, available on your Account page

Learn more about ending your current Flexcar plan and returning your car



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