Creating your account

Creating your account is done in three simple steps: Enter your contact information, driver’s license and your choice of payment.

Contact information

We only need an email and a mobile phone number to get you started. Your email address will be used as your login information. We’ll use your mobile phone to text or call you prior to your car pickup and to provide you with additional information about your car.

Driver’s license

We’ll need your driver’s license to verify your license status and driving history. Unfortunately, we do not accept permits or provisional licenses at this time. Simply enter your information and continue on to payment options.

Choice of payment

The last step in creating your account is adding the payment of your choice.

We accept all valid credit cards issued in your name. We do not accept prepaid cards and debit cards at this time. You’ll be asked to fill out the form with your card information and will see this card saved to your account. All subsequent bills will be automatically charged to this card during the term of your car order.

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