What's Charged at Checkout and What's Due Later?


Flexcar's billing consists of a monthly rate and an annual membership fee. The monthly rate covers the vehicle, your mileage plan, and insurance. Rates vary based on vehicle type, customer profile, and market conditions. 

The annual Flexcar membership ($249/year) covers maintenance and roadside assistance and starts with a free two-week trial. If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return your car within the first two weeks.


Due at Checkout: 

When placing your order, you'll pay for:

  • The car's monthly rate plus your chosen insurance plan.
  • Your selected mileage plan.
  • Local tax
  • One-time refundable deposit (if applicable)

Due at Later: 

  • After your two-week free trial: the annual Flexcar membership fee ($249/yr). This is a one time separate fee and covers you for a year. If you decide to keep your Flexcar longer past a year, you will be automatically charged a second time.

Due Monthly:

  • Invoicing occurs monthly on your renewal date (the date you picked up or received the vehicle).
    • This bill includes the upcoming charges for the next month (monthly rate + tax) and any accrued charges from the previous month (tolls, fines, traffic violations).
  • Overage miles are billed separately as they occur, in 100-mile increments. For the Low Mileage plan, miles are billed in 200-mile increments.
  • Unused miles roll over to the next month but expire when you return the vehicle.
    • There are no refunds for unused miles.

Your receipt will be emailed to you each month, and it's also available on your Account page



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