With zero tailpipe emissions and unparalleled acceleration, electric vehicles (EVs) have plenty to offer. Flexcar provides the unique opportunity for you to experience an EV without the commitment or cost of buying one. Plus, if you decide that you’d like a different car, Flexcar gives you the option to swap cars, free of charge.

Here are frequent questions about EVs.

When is an EV a good fit?

EVs are ideal if you can charge at home, or have convenient charging options near your home or work.

If you have a long trip planned, make sure you have charging options on the road or at your destination. If it’s not the case, remember you can swap for another car temporarily. 

How & where do I charge my Electric Vehicle?

All vehicles may not come equipped with a charging cable. If the vehicle does have a cable, you can find it in the trunk of the car (sometimes under the flap). Make sure you return those when you return your EV to Flexcar. Charging your car requires a different way to think about power for your vehicle. With a gas vehicle, we fill up periodically at gas stations. For EVs, the best way to charge it is when you know the vehicle will be stationary for a prolonged period of time. At home during the evening when you are done driving for the day is the ideal time. Though keep your eyes open for charging stations at your workplace or where you shop.

As this is still a relatively new technology it helps to know what charging stations exist in your area as well as where you plan on going.

The only time you should need to "fill up", is on long distance trips.

Additionally, to conserve battery life, please charge to 90% maximum, unless you're planning a long trip. 

Read our Charging Electric Vehicles article to know more about charging.

What are the main differences with a normal car?

EVs are typically very quiet vehicles, make sure you have turned off the car before you leave it parked.  

EVs use regenerative breaking, sometimes known as One Pedal Drive. This setting can be adjusted in the control center to help regenerate the battery while driving. Releasing the accelerator will make the vehicle decelerate automatically. 

When using One Pedal Drive, the brake lights will function as if the driver is using the traditional hydraulic brakes. The brake lights illuminate when the accelerator pedal is released, making drivers behind the car aware that it is slowing down.

We suggest testing out One Pedal Drive in a safe location such as a parking lot or a closed neighborhood and adjust the setting to your preference. 

Do Not Use One Pedal Drive for Emergency Stopping.

Do I need to charge my car before returning it?

We kindly request that the vehicle is returned with at least 50% battery.

What should I do if the battery dies? 

Please call Flexcar care team at 1-866-725-2734 and specify that you have an EV. Specify where you want the car to be towed (either your home if you can charge it there, or a nearby charger on an surface-lot parking).

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