Flexcar has partnered with Allstate to bring you a seamless and dependable Roadside Dispatch service, ready to assist whenever you face immediate roadside challenges. Whether it's a flat tire, a need for a jump-start, or towing requirements, we're here to get you back on the road.

For quick roadside assistance, call us at 1-866-725-2734. Here's a simple guide to help you through the process:


1. Ensure Your Safety First:

  • Before making the call, ensure you are in a safe location away from traffic.

2. Call Our Customer Care Center and Provide Your Name and Contact Number:

  • Share the name and contact number of the person with the vehicle, facilitating effective coordination.

3. Answer Service-Related Questions:

  • Provide accurate and detailed responses to assist us in tailoring our support to your situation.

4. Give Your Pick-up and Drop-off Locations:

  • For smartphone users, receive a text message with a link to share your precise location with Allstate.

5. Enable Location Services:

  • Follow a step-by-step guide to enable and confirm the accuracy of your location for effective assistance.
    • Location Services Prompt: You may receive a message on your device prompting you to enable your location. This message is crucial for our team to accurately locate and assist you. 
    • Grant Permission: Please check if there was a pop-up requesting permission to use your device's location. If so, select "Allow" to enable location services. This step is necessary to proceed with the next steps effectively. 
    • Confirm Location Accuracy: After enabling location services, the map on your phone will adjust to reflect your current location.

6. Adjust the Map:

  • Move the map over your vehicle's location for accurate identification and efficient assistance.
    • Assistance with Map Navigation: If you need assistance understanding how to move the map, follow these steps: 
      1. Position your finger on the map itself (not the pin). 
      2. Drag your finger across the screen, moving the map image until the pin aligns with your vehicle's location. 

7. Tap "My Vehicle is Here":

  • Confirm your vehicle's location to proceed with the necessary support.

8. Text Notifications for Updates:

  • Stay informed with text notifications to track the progress of your roadside dispatch.

You're all set for a hassle-free roadside dispatch with Flexcar and Allstate. Drive safe!

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