How Does Roadside Assistance Work?


Flexcar has partnered with Nation Safe Drivers to bring you a seamless and dependable Roadside Dispatch service, ready to assist whenever you face immediate roadside challenges. Whether it's a flat tire, a need for a jump-start, or towing requirements, we're here to get you back on the road.

For emergency roadside assistance, call us at 1-866-725-2734. Here's a simple guide to help you through the process:


1. Ensure Your Safety First:

  • Before making the call, ensure you are in a safe location away from traffic.

2. Call Our Customer Care Center:

  • Share the name and contact number of the person with the vehicle, facilitating effective coordination.

3. Answer Service-Related Questions:

  • During the call, the Care team will need accurate and detailed information about the situation to assist us in tailoring our support to your situation.
  • If you're unsure of your exact location, smartphone users can receive a text message with a link to share your precise location with Nation Safe Drivers. 
  • Enable Location Services: you may need to enable Location Services on your phone for it to understand your location
  • Adjust the Map: Move the map over your vehicle's location for accurate identification and efficient assistance.

4. Text Notifications for Updates:

  • Within 10 minutes of the dispatch, you will receive text notifications to track the progress of your roadside dispatch and an ETA for the driver to reach you.
  • We recommend you reach out to the roadside driver to understand their ETA more accurately. 
  • If you need any additional help or don't receive the roadside needed in the estimated time provided, please don't hesitate to call us back at 1-866-725-2734.

You're all set for a hassle-free roadside dispatch with Flexcar and Nation Safe Drivers. Drive safe!


Roadside FAQs

What service types does Roadside Assistance cover?

  • Flat Tire: Tire is flat and a spare tire is available to change to
  • Jump Starts: Dead battery
  • Lock outs: Keys locked in the vehicle
  • Fuel Delivery: Ran out of gas and car will not start.
  • Winching: Can pull your vehicle out of a sticky situation
  • Towing for maintenance and mechanical issues
  • Towing for accidents where the vehicle is not drivable

What should I do if a spare tire is put on my vehicle?

  • Please visit the Flexcar app to learn next steps for your tire replacement. The service tab in the app will guide you through whether you should schedule an appointment at a Flexcar Hub, visit a 3rd Party vendor or schedule a consultation call with our service team.

How do I get my car back after it's towed?

  • Depending on the situation and tow to location, our team will work with you to either schedule a pickup or help coordinate delivery of your vehicle after the tow. For accidents, keep in mind there will be an eligibility check after the accident to get back into a Flexcar.

When should I expect to get the car back after it is towed?

  • Please allow us up to 5 business days to inspect, repair and figure out next steps with your Flexcar. Our team will work with you to find a solution based on the situation and your proximity to the Flexcar Hubs.


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