How Can I Earn Free Miles by Referring Friends?

Here's how Flexcar's Subscriber Referrals Program works!

  1. Share your code. Login to the Flexcar app and access the Refer a Friend feature. Share your code via text, email, or one of the methods available on your device.
  2. Friend picks up or has their vehicle delivered: To receive the referral reward, your friend must apply your code at checkout and successfully pick up their Flexcar or have it delivered.
  3. Receive your free miles: After your friend successfully gets their Flexcar, your miles will be added to your account and credited to your next bill. Your friend will also receive free miles in their account after pickup or delivery.

Any unused mileage credit rolls over to the next billing statement and is used to credit mileage charges only. This process continues until mileage credit is depleted and credit has no monetary value.


Participation is subject to Terms and Conditions.  

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