Updating your billing information

Updating your billing information 


Flexcar consists of one monthly rate that covers the cost of the vehicle, your monthly mileage plan, insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. This rate is determined by numerous factors, including but not limited to, the type of vehicle you select, your membership status, and market conditions. Currently, the monthly rate ranges from $325 to $1,500 a month. Customers can select a mileage plan that suits their needs from 500 miles per month, 850 miles per month, 1,200 miles per month, or pay-as-you-go for the casual driver.

Invoicing will be monthly based on the date on which the vehicle is initially picked up. Invoices are generated on the same day every month. Overage miles are invoiced as they occur. We’ll add 100 overage miles to your account each time you run out until the next monthly allotment. Mileage overage fees depend on vehicle type and plan. Pay as you go monthly plan auto-replenishes 200 miles instead of 100. Unused miles roll over to the following month. Any unused miles are not refunded and expire at the return of the vehicle.

Create your account

When you pick your car and create your account, you'll pay for your first month, which includes:

  • One-time refundable deposit
  • Your membership fee
  • The car's monthly rate
  • Local tax 

Note: Pay as you go members will also pay an additional $90 for their initial 200 miles at checkout. 

Flexcar renewal and receipts

All future payments will be taken on the day of your renewal date, which is your pick-up day. 

Your receipts will reflect upcoming charges as well as any accrued charges from the previous cycle. 

For the upcoming charges:

  • The car's monthly rate 

Accrued charges from the previous month:

Your receipt will be emailed to you each month, and it's also available if you sign in and visit your Account page

Updating your credit card

Learn more about updating your credit card.

Ending/Canceling your current Flexcar plan

Your selected Flexcar plan will be renewed each month until you cancel prior to your renewal date. Your renewal date is conveniently located in your receipts, available on your Account page

Learn more about ending your current Flexcar plan and returning your car


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