How does the insurance coverage work?


Even the best drivers can be involved in a crash on the road. From denting the bumper while parking to a major crash, there are a few basics to know about your coverage when driving a Flexcar.



If your Flexcar is damaged or causes harm to another person and/or property, you are required to contact our Care Team immediately to open a claim. This includes all damage to or all harm caused by the vehicle whether you were present or were the driver at the time the damage occurred. You can contact the Care Team here.


Damage to Other Property and Injuries to Others

Sometimes a car crash can lead to damaging property or injuring people. If you are in full compliance with the Subscriber Agreement and good standing, Flexcar will extend secondary liability protection for you and any authorized driver up to state minimums in the jurisdiction where the incident occurs. This liability coverage is secondary to your insurance and may help provide additional coverage for drivers who are facing third-party claims of bodily injury, death or property damage that occurred while driving a Flexcar vehicle.

For additional information on insurance coverage and limits, please refer to the Subscriber Agreement.


Damage to The Flexcar Vehicle

Subscribers that comply fully with our Subscriber Agreement will be billed a maximum of $1,000 following damage to a Flexcar vehicle. If Flexcar’s cost to repair the vehicle is less than $1,000, then subscribers will be billed only the actual cost to repair the vehicle. Assuming the subscribers are inl compliance with our Subscriber Agreement, Flexcar will waive all of the subscribers’ responsibility for costs or damage for the vehicle itself that is above $1,000.

If you were not complying fully with the Subscriber Agreement at the time of the incident that resulted in damage to the vehicle, you are not eligible for this $1,000 damage cap and are responsible for the full cost of the damage to the Flexcar vehicle. Common ways that a driver may be in violation of the Subscriber Agreement are:

  • Letting an unauthorized driver drive
  • Driving recklessly
  • Not reporting the accident or damage
  • Not completing an incident report after an accident
  • Providing false information about the accident
  • Driving while texting or emailing
  • Leaving the vehicle unsupervised and unlocked


Please see Section 4 of the Subscriber Agreement for more information on the rules of Flexcar vehicle use and other violations of the Subscriber Agreement.

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