How Does Insurance Coverage Work?


Even the most skilled drivers may find themselves in a road mishap with Flexcar. Whether it's a minor parking bump or a more serious collision, here are the essentials to understand about your coverage.


Insurance Requirement

Flexcar requires all members to purchase one of our dedicated insurance coverage options as part of our month-to-month car lease service. Personal auto insurance and credit card auto rental insurance are not accepted, as they are designed for short-term rentals of 30 days or less. Flexcar is an alternative to owning or leasing a car, so specific insurance for our vehicles is necessary. Liability insurance is included with every plan, with varied damage deductibles depending on whether you choose our Essential or Enhanced option. This mandatory insurance ensures compliance with our membership agreement and underscores our commitment to safety and responsibility for all members. 



Should your Flexcar sustain damage or cause harm to others or their property, it's crucial to promptly reach out to our Customer Care Team to initiate a claim. This applies to any vehicle damage or harm, regardless of whether you were present or behind the wheel when it occurred. Contact the Customer Care Team here.


Who is covered?

Upon order placement, only the individual who placed the order is covered by Flexcar's insurance. All other drivers must be added as Additional Drivers through the Manage Drivers tool in the Flexcar app or though the account page on the Flexcar website. Spouses and other family members are not automatically covered - each Additional Driver must be added.


Liability Coverage: Damage to Other Property and Injuries to Others

Sometimes a car crash can lead to damaging property or injuring people. If you are in full compliance with the Membership Agreement and are in good standing, Flexcar will extend liability protection for you and any authorized driver up to state minimums in the jurisdiction where the incident occurs. State minimum liability coverage is included with every Flexcar subscription. State minimum coverage levels vary state by state.

This liability coverage is secondary to your insurance wherever applicable and may help provide additional coverage for drivers who are facing third-party claims of bodily injury, death or property damage that occurred while driving a Flexcar vehicle.

For additional information on insurance coverage and limits, please refer to the Membership Agreement.


Damage to The Flexcar Vehicle (Compare to Comprehensive and Collision Coverage)

Subscribers that comply fully with our Membership Agreement will be billed only up to their damage deductible following damage to a Flexcar vehicle. If Flexcar’s cost to repair the vehicle is less than their deductible, then subscribers will be billed only the actual cost to repair the vehicle. Assuming the subscribers are in compliance with our Membership Agreement, Flexcar will waive all of the subscribers’ responsibility for costs or damage for the vehicle itself that is above their deductible.

Beginning on May 24th, 2024, Flexcar will require that you choose your damage deductible level before placing an order. The options are:

  1. Essential: $2,000 damage deductible per incident
  2. Enhanced: $500 damage deductible per incident, with glass damage fully covered at $0 deductible

If you have placed an order prior to May 24th, 2024, your existing agreement with Flexcar remains intact.

If you were not complying fully with the Membership Agreement at the time of the incident that resulted in damage to the vehicle, you are not eligible for the deductible damage cap and are responsible for the full cost of the damage to the Flexcar vehicle. Common ways that a driver may be in violation of the Subscriber Agreement are:

  • Letting an unauthorized driver drive
  • Driving recklessly
  • Not reporting the accident or damage
  • Not completing an incident report after an accident
  • Providing false information about the accident
  • Driving while texting or emailing
  • Leaving the vehicle unsupervised and unlocked 

Please see Section 4 of the Membership Agreement for more information on the rules of Flexcar vehicle use and other violations of the Subscriber Agreement.

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