How can I pay for my Flexcar?


  • How do I pay for Flexcar?
    • When you sign up for Flexcar, you will enter a payment method that will be used for the initial and ongoing payments.
    • Flexcar payments will renew automatically to keep your account running smoothly and the car available to you to drive.
    • Visit your Account page to see the details of your plan. Under the ‘Receipts’ section, you will be able to see when your fees will be charged to your account.
  • What types of payment methods does Flexcar accept?
    • Flexcar accepts all credit cards and for the initial and any recurring payments. Debit cards may be accepted based on credit score and history.
  • What will I owe up front?
    • At checkout, you’ll make your first payment and any add-ons you’ve selected in the checkout process. A one-time refundable deposit will also be charged with every order.
  • What does the refundable security deposit cover?
    • The refundable security deposit will be applied if there are certain amounts due, such as past due payments, tolls & citations, or low fuel level upon return of your car. Any funds remaining from your deposit will be refunded to you.
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