How can I pay for my Flexcar?

Payment and Deposit Information for Flexcar:

Here's an overview to guide you through Flexcar's payment process:

  1. Payment Setup:

    • When signing up, enter your preferred payment method for initial and ongoing payments. Flexcar payments renew automatically for a seamless experience.
  2. Account Details:

    • Check your Account page for plan specifics. The 'Receipts' section displays the dates of upcoming fee charges, ensuring transparency about your financial commitments.
  3. Accepted Payment Methods:

    • Flexcar accepts credit and debit cards, offering flexibility for your payment preferences.
  4. Upfront Payment:

    • During checkout, make your first payment along with any selected add-ons. A one-time refundable deposit might be charged, enhancing your order.
  5. Refundable Deposit Purpose:

    • The refundable security deposit covers potential amounts due, such as past payments, tolls, citations, or low fuel levels upon returning the car. Any surplus funds are promptly refunded to you.

Flexcar's payment structure is designed to be straightforward, offering convenience and transparency throughout your experience.

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