Delivery allows you to receive a Flexcar right at your doorstep!  

Note that delivery is currently only available in some markets, but we’re working to make it available elsewhere, too! 

How delivery works:

  1. When you place your order, enter your address to make sure your address is in the delivery area, then enter any delivery instructions (e.g. gate code, instructions to find the best parking spot) 
  2. Select a delivery date and time slot when you'll be available to receive your car. (Please make sure you’ll be available during the entire time slot you've chosen.) 
  3. After placing your order, download the Flexcar app and take pictures of yourself and your driver's license so we can make sure it’s really you. 
  4. On the day of delivery, we'll text you with an estimated time of arrival, and again once we've arrived. 
  5. Go outside, find us at the car (within 15 minutes of arrival), and show your license to the driver wearing Flexcar clothing. You’ll be given the keys and the car will be all yours! 


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