Can I reschedule my order?

Flexcar customers with upcoming pickups, deliveries and swaps can now reschedule their upcoming order directly in the mobile app! 



Where can I find the reschedule button in the app?

Under the upcoming appointment details, you will see 3 dots to modify your order. Select Reschedule to see the available dates and times.


Will I be charged a reschedule fee?

In some cases yes, you may be charged a $50 reschedule fee for the change. There is no fee if you make changes within the first 24 hours of booking your order and we will always let you know about the fee before you submit the change. 

These fees cover our costs to process and prepare your order.


What happens if I cancel my order after I reschedule?

If you cancel your order after rescheduling, you will not be refunded for any reschedule fees paid. You may also need to pay a cancellation fee as well.


Why isn't my order reschedule going through?

Make sure your payment method is updated and accurate before processing the payment. If it is still not working, please reach out to our team at to help.

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