Billing Dates and when you get charged



Billing Date:

Your billing date is set one month from your pickup date. For instance, if you pick up your Flexcar on August 4th, your next billing will occur on September 4th. If your billing date is on the 31st, it will adjust to the 30th in months with fewer days, such as February.


  • Billing Date Example:
    • Alex picks up a Flexcar on August 15th. Their billing date is set for one month from that day, which means their first billing will be on September 15th. If Alex's regular billing date is the 31st, it will adjust to the 30th in months with fewer days, like February.


Mileage Balance:

We regularly update your mileage balance every hour. If, during these checks, your mileage drops below zero, you will be charged for the overage immediately. This process helps ensure accurate tracking and billing of your usage.


  • Mileage Balance Example (Including Running Out of Miles):
    • On September 15th, Alex's billing day, they check their mileage balance. The system shows they have 100 miles left in their plan for the month.

      A few days later, on September 20th, Alex takes a day trip using Flexcar and drives 120 miles in total. Now, their mileage balance becomes -20 miles, meaning they've used up their allocated 100 miles and gone over by 20 miles.

      Since Alex has driven more miles than their plan covers, they will be charged for those extra 20 miles right away. This charge helps cover the additional mileage beyond their plan's limit.

      It's important to keep track of your mileage balance and plan your trips accordingly to avoid exceeding your mileage limit and incurring extra charges. The system updates mileage balances every hour, so you can always check your balance through your Flexcar account.
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