Billing Dates and when you get charged


This article provides crucial information on the billing cycle and mileage management for Flexcar users.


Billing Date

Your billing date aligns with the one-month mark from your Flexcar pickup date. Adjustments are made for months with fewer days, shifting from the 31st to the 30th in months like February.


  • Billing Date Example
    • Consider Alex, who picks up a Flexcar on August 15th. Their initial billing happens precisely one month later on September 15th. If their regular billing date is the 31st, it adjusts to the 30th in shorter months.


Mileage Balance

Your mileage balance is dynamically updated every hour. If your mileage drops below zero during these updates, immediate charges are applied to cover the overage. This process ensures precise tracking and billing for your usage.

It's important to keep track of your mileage balance and plan your trips accordingly to avoid exceeding your mileage limit and incurring extra charges.


  • Mileage Balance Example (Including Running Out of Miles)
    • On September 15th, Alex checks their mileage balance, finding 100 miles remaining for the month. On September 20th, after a day trip covering 120 miles, their balance dips to -20 miles, surpassing the allocated 100 miles.
    • Since Alex exceeded their plan, an immediate charge for the extra 20 miles is incurred. Regularly monitor your mileage balance, plan trips accordingly, and stay within your limit to avoid additional charges. The system updates balances hourly, providing real-time tracking through your Flexcar account.
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