Rescheduling Pickups, Swaps and Returns and What to Do If You Are Late..??

Order Rescheduling or Cancellation Guide:

Here's a quick overview of rescheduling or canceling your Flexcar order:

  • Convenient Options:

    • Contact our Customer Care Team for quick and hassle-free order adjustments. It's the most efficient way to manage your Flexcar order.
    • Please note that any rescheduling is subject to availability and will more than likely be at least 3 days out.
  • Cancellation Process:

    • If you choose to cancel, our system automates the process for you, ensuring a seamless experience. No stress – we've got it covered!
  • Refund Assurance:

    • Upon cancellation, your order will be automatically canceled, and a refund will be issued promptly. We prioritize your satisfaction.
  • Email Confirmation:

    • Stay informed! Receive an email confirming any rescheduling or cancellation, providing you with all the essential details at your fingertips.

We've designed the process to be straightforward and user-centric, putting your convenience and peace of mind first!

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